Saturday, September 27, 2008

Eid Card

Happy Eid Mubarak for all viewers. Many many happy returns of this day.

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Mother's child

Mothers can do anything for their child .Now I am living in a place & a family lives beside at my home. The family consists of four members. The couple has two children. One is daughter named Jafrin her age is three & another is a son named Jisan his age is nine month. Jisan's father is a businessmen & his mother is a housewife. Some days ago jisan was very sick suffered from Diarrhoea. Jisan's father & mother started thinking for their child. After that Jisan's father went to a doctor & that doctor gave some medicines to jisan's father. But Jisan became weaker. Yet his belly's problem has not solved. Then doctor give some tips for jisan's mother that she can not eat vegetable curry, fish curry, and fry foods like Iftary items because now is Ramadan month. So Jisan's mother does not eat this items but jisan's father eats everything. He has not obstructed because he is a father, not a mother. Some days Jisan's mother wake up full night for jisan & jisan's father sleep full night. Jisan's mother just eats rice & bitter gourd, not any other foods.So I think a mother can do anything for her child but a father can not do.

Friday, September 12, 2008

My friend: My younger brother

We are three brothers & sister. My elder brother’s name is Rasel & my younger brother’s name is Rana. When I was 10, my elder brother was 12 & my younger brother was 7 years old, we lived with my grandfather’s home (Nana-Nani). When my mother was a service holder she lived at Mirpur & she paid monthly for us to grandfather. My younger brother is Rana. I & my younger brother always are friendly. If he has any problem always he shares with me about his problem. I also share my problem with him. Rana gets angry so quickly. One day my grandfather - grandmother & my cousin go to tangail to visit my younger aunt’s home. Rana wanted to go with them but they did not accept him. After that they went to Tangail.

My aunt made some cakes (Vapa pitha). We were present just four people at my grandfather’s home. After completing cake my aunt was looking for my younger brother to give him cake. But nobody saw my younger brother. We were in tension for my younger brother. My grandfather house has a small room; there my younger uncle (Mama) lives. Suddenly load shedding problem started. After the load shedding my uncle room’s light was off. At that time my uncle was not at home. After the turn on light my younger uncle (Mama) looked behind & saw my younger brother was hanging on rope. After that my mother came from Mirpur & also my grandfather-grandmother returned from Tangail. Many polices came to my grandfather’s home & took my younger brother for postmortem. After one day we got my younger brother's dead body. My mother was crying like made. We were also same. I don’t know, why rana died by hanging? After my younger brother’s death I didn't go to my uncle's room. I lost my younger brother, who was so friendly to me. Always I miss my younger brother.

Saturday, September 6, 2008

The Biggest Celebration

In our country we have deferent celebrations. I think the biggest celebration of our community is Ramadan. Because before Eid-ul-fitr, every Muslim keeps fast (Ramadan) for a month.When Ramadan starts on 1st Ramadan just before from 1 day every Muslim starts tarahbi prayer. When Ramadan starts I always keep this fast & say my prayers. I enjoy Ramadan because everyday evening I cook some deferent item for sehary. At deep night I & my family get up from sleep for having sehary & all family members eat together. After the sehary we are to recite a sura. After this sura we cannot eat any food & water. In the afternoon we make some different foods for Iftar, like: chola, piaju, baguni, ghugni, potato chop, coolly flower chop (one kind of food) etc. When the evening ajan [Magreb] starts at that time we are to break our fast by drinking water and reciting another sura. All the family members have iftar together. We eat some especial items with muri & juice. After taking iftar we are to say evening prayer [Magreb]. After that we take rest for some times & again we are to say night [Esha] prayer with tarahbi prayer. In this way we keep our fast for 30 days. So I think the biggest celebration of our community is Ramadan.